How Does Our Method Works

Kami telah menyediakan solusi dari hulu sampai hilir yang dapat membantu perusahaan dalam menghadapi tantangan bisnis yang berkembang begitu cepat & dinamis.

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How To Develope Software On Time

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Eliminate Non-Value-Added Work

Remove review meetings or elaborate design documents if they are not adding value and are only taking up time

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Understand Our Customer

Get out of the office and see exactly how your software could be used

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Hire, Promote And Mentor Talented Developers

Place a high premium on finding and nurturing high performers

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Leave Enough Slack In The Schedule

Software projets should be broken up into manageable units developed by small teams

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Implement Rapid Prototyping

This involves developing prototypes or mock-ups and getting customer feedback

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Outsource Some Of The Software Development

Implement appropriate management controls so that the outsourced components are developed on schedule and on budget

How To Develope The Software Being Reliable & Zero Bug

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Building Reliable Systems From Unreliable Parts

In building these systems, the designer starts from the knowledge that any omponent in the system might fail, while securing that such failures can't cause the failure of the system

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Simplified Redundancy

The backup modules in our proposed architecture are contructed as simplified versions of the primary modules

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Simplicity And Redundancy

Simplicity seeks to reduce the value of probability, while redundancy seeks to increase the value of redundancy

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Fault Detection And Secure Fall-Back

When a software module fails to perform its intended function due to a design or coding error, there are several ways in which this could work, at least in principle, but none are truly

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Software Architectures For Fault Containment

Consinder a standard architecture consisting of software modules with well-defined interfaces

How To Maintain and Upgrade the Software Easier & Faster

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How Brings the Enjoyment & Easiness of Software to User

  • User friendly
  • Usable
The primary notion of usability
  • More efficient to use--takes less time to accomplish a particular task
  • Easier to learn--operation can be learned by observing the object
  • More satisfying to use
Perform usability testing in
  • Get some representive users
  • Ask the users to perform representative tasks with the design
  • Observe what the users do, and where they have dificulties with the user interface
Perform usability testing early in the design process
  • Before starting the new design, test the old design to identify good parts you should keep or emphasize, and bad parts that give users trouble
  • Test competitors designs to get data on a range of alternative design
  • Conduct a field study to see how users behave in their natural habitat